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The necessity of saving energy is self-evident in daily life. However, this idea is a novelty regarding roads: tens of thousands of kilometers are illuminated continuously at night, even if there is no traffic at all. But convenience and safety do not demand permanent lighting, rather a dynamic and precise solution which ensures that light is available when it is needed and where it is needed. We act as a leading supplier of sensorics for demand-oriented street lighting.

Energy conservation

Dynamic light allows standard compliant street lighting with up to 85% energy savings.

Lower light pollution

A substantial decrease in light pollution using dynamic light is highly beneficial for humans and the environment.


Sense of security

Low ambient lighting and instant movement detection within the coverage area, cater for an increased sense of security on the streets.

Increased service life of street lights

Reduced times of maximum lighting enhance the service life of LEDs and electronic ballasts.


As soon as it gets dark, public lighting is switched on in every street, in urban as well as in rural areas. Roads and streets will stay brightly illuminated until dawn, independently of the volume of traffic.

lixtec offers standard complying street lighting with dynamic light control as soon as public lighting is switched on. lix.detect can transform every modern LED street light into an intelligent, demand-oriented street light. It is the state-of-the-art solution for maximum energy conservation without loss of comfort, substantially reduces light pollution and contributes to reaching the climate targets.

With our dynamic light solutions, we point the way to the future.

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Besides many projects with our lixtec LOD street lights you can already find our game-changing lix.detect solution in:


Graz, Stattegg, Salzburg, Guessing


Rostock, Wismar


Bled, Trzic, Jezersko

Together with our partner photinus we also realize dynamic light solutions in solar lighting.



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"iF product design award" for lixtec LOD


Participation and top placement in state prize for innovation


Nomination for the state prize for environment and energy technology with the title "Energy and Efficiency"


Upper Austrian federal state prize for environment and sustainability


Upper Austrian federal state prize for innovation


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